10 Years of Togetherness

My husband and I met TEN YEARS AGO. Just even thinking that I’ve spent a decade with this man blows my mind. We have been married for just 5 of those years, but honestly we might as well have been married the whole time. Nothing really changed once we tied the knot. In the last ten years I can count on one hand the times we have spent apart. Not every couple is that lucky nor do they really want to spend every day together, but something about this man just makes me want to constantly be surrounded by him and his love. He’s the best.

We wanted to go all out for our ten year anniversary. You know really celebrate big because it is a huge milestone. Not many, especially these days, can say they’ve made it this far. I’m sure you can only guess what I’m going to say next, because of COVID we were unable to celebrate as big as we wanted. We still made the best of it though and snuck away for an overnight stay in San Diego, CA it is one of our most favorite cities and where we hope to call home one day.

We love staying in the Gaslamp Quarter and exploring the streets. During our stay the city had actually shut down 5th Avenue which is where most of the restaurants and night life is in Downtown and the restaurants had chairs and tables set up outside. The vibe was so cool, we loved it! Definitely different than normal, but still so cool!

I’ll start with the hotel we stayed at. It’s been on my “list” of places I would like to stay for awhile now, and I’m so glad we got to enjoy this place. The Pendry San Diego was such a beautiful property and the customer service was spectacular! We didn’t do valet parking, but we really wish we had. When we arrived in SD we were lucky enough to find parking right across the street from where we were staying so it wasn’t crazy hard to get to our hotel, but the cost of parking was only $5 less than if we would have just paid the $50 valet fee. Note to self: pay for valet.

The first thing we did while staying at the Pendry was get massages. They weren’t doing couples massages but we did book them for the same time and it was amazing. Every time I get a massage I feel like the 60 minutes its not nearly enough. My massage therapist was amazing at this location and as it was my husbands first time getting a massage he was instantly hooked! Total success. After that we went to the pool to relax even more before we got ready to hit the town for the night.

For dinner we always like to just walk around and find somewhere to eat by looking at menus as we walk down 5th Avenue and this technique has yet to fail us. We ate a cute little italian diner that serves authentic food and it was delicious. I wish I had written down the name of the restaurant but I didn’t and can’t remember the name of it. After dinner we just strolled the streets and took some pictures. Then we really wanted a milkshake, ice cream, or some sweet treat. We stopped at Sugar Factory and despite the hefty price tag and how beautifully made these milkshakes were, it was a huge MISS for us.

All in all we had a fabulous time in San Diego, but really I expect nothing less since it is our favorite city! We only stayed one night so we weren’t able to go to the beach or hit up all of our favorite spots. I will be sure to share more of that though as we start to go back more and more now that COVID restrictions have lightened up a little here in California.

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