Why Work From Home?..

I get asked pretty often why I left a career that I worked so hard to get in to. I did it because leaving Nicholas every day to go into work broke my heart in tiny little pieces. Now I think about all the memories I would have missed out on. The first time Nicholas crawled, his first steps, his first words… I would have missed a lot if I didn’t take a chance on myself.

That was the initial reason.. in the last 3 years it has grown into so much more than that. I want to bring my husband home. I want to be debt free. I want to help other women with these “outlandish” dreams because I know in my heart of hearts it is a life that most people want and too often talk themselves out of because “thats for the lucky ones”.

As time goes on I start to wonder more and more how I ever bought into the idea that working a 9-5 and filling someone else’s pockets while they lived life on their terms was the “way to go” or that clocking in for someone else and having to ask someone else permission to get paid what I felt I deserved for my work was any way to live. How is it that we have all bought into this idea that climbing the corporate ladder or working for someone else is how we’re supposed to live? Always answering to someone else. Missing sports functions with our kids. Missing vacactions. Getting limited time off. How are we all okay with this? I want to live MY life on my terms and not have to wait until I’m 65 to do it. I want to live now, and I want what I earn to be a reflection of my hard work and the impact I’m making.

I know that sounds “crazy” because we’ve been taught our whole lives that actually taking our lives into our own hands is too “risky”, expecting more from life is selfish, and that there aren’t any guarantees so why risk it? I “risk” it because the alternative is not a life I want to live.

This is IT. “THIS” being helping women find themselves again, helping mothers know they don’t need to lose themselves in motherhood, and empowering them to dream bigger. I don’t want to waste my precious time here stuck behind a desk , boxed inside staring out a window all day, asking for permission, or missing out on the most precious commodity I have: time. I want to live a full life and help others who dare to do the same.

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