Staying Motivated

I get a lot of questions about how I actually stay motivated and productive so I put together some of my daily habits that I really feel help me obtain this. First things first though I want to let you know I am NOT always motivated. Motivation is a feeling and feelings are fleeting so we can’t depend on motivation all the time to reach our goals. We have to rely on our discipline, determination, and habits that we build to reach our goals even when it is uncomfortable. This can be applied to business related goals as well as fitness related goals. Actually all of these can.

ONE: SKIP THE SNOOZE BUTTON and wake up before you kids. It does something that helps you be in control of the day. When you start your day for you, it’s easier to manage and as a mom your kids wishes are you demand so starting with you first helps the rest of the day go smoother. Do yourself a favor and wake up even 30 minutes before the kids and drink your cup of coffe, read that book, or do that workout in peace.

TWO: SKIP SOCIAL MEDIA first thing. No matter how tempting, stay off social media for at least an hour after waking. It helps you to enjoy the mornings without outside influence and negativity. This can go a long way in helping your day by starting it out in a positive mindset.

THREE: WORKOUT EARLY, I know it feels hard to workout with your kids there but trust me the sooner you get it done the sooner you can feel like a badass. Idk abou tyou but after any workout I feel Like I can conquer anything, which really helps set the tone for the day.

FOUR: READ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Or find an uplifting podcast or audio book. Our health is a reflection of the things we consume, and not just the food we eat. We need to feed our minds with positivity and encouragement. This is really the msot important part of building that confidence and learning to love yourself just the way you are, and this confidence trickles in to every other part of your life.

FIVE: KEEP PROMISES TO YOURSELF. You don’t break promises to other people, so why are you so quick to break the promises you make to yourself? The sooner you start following through with the things you tell yourself you are going to do the sooner you will give yourself the confidence that you are able to do anything. Our brains are really good at holding information based on previous patterns, which is why when we are “chronic quitters” we tell ourselves thats who we are and we quit everything. But what if you changed the story and told yourself that you complete every project you start? And you actually followed through? Your brain will get the hint and you’ll start being the girl that never breaks a promise to herself again.

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