Halfway There

My Summer Shred Series has been WORKING, and I feel so good! Here are some things that are keeping me motivated and feeling my best:

1️⃣Knowing that it is going to take time. Once I find peace in knowing that it WILL happen, I’ve been able to stress less about when it’s going to happen.

2️⃣Doing workouts I enjoy. Finding workouts that keep me excited and that I look forward to doing MOST days has been the big gamechanger. Why not all days though? because I know I won’t be motivated every day, but if I’m are excited most days to do the workouts it’s more likely that I’ll show up even on the days I don’t feel like it.
3️⃣Easy nutrition plan that FITS into my lifestyle. Obviously you can’t out train a bad diet. I’d go out on a limb to say this is common knowledge these days, but too often we fall in the trap of thinking we need to cut out everything we enjoy in order to reach our goals. The key is moderation and truly listening to our bodies and knowing how our bodies react to the foods we eat.
4️⃣Weight training. A lesser known fact: muscle burns fat<— okay not literally BUT maintaining muscle takes more effort for your body than maintaining fat. If you have more muscle your body will burn more calories just to keep you moving. And this keeps me motivated like crazy to keep weight training and going.
5️⃣Manageable time spent on workouts. This is a huge one. Long gone are my days of spending hours in the gym. I do all of my workouts at home so that cuts out any commute time and I never workout for more than an hour. My workouts actually average around 40 minutes. I like effective and QUICK, this means I incorporate a lot of HIIT cardio which burns more calories in a shorter amount of time. WIN/WIN

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