Ten Months Postpartum

Emilia is ten months old! And while I’m shocked at how fast this time is going by I’m also relieved that we’ve survived this far. So many things have happened in this world since she has been born, this will for sure be a year to remember. I won’t dive into all of that, but it’s still worth a small mention.

What I really want to cover in this post is WEENING! Yes! Her pediatrician approved for us to go ahead and start weening her from breastfeeding. She has started walking and that was the major factor in her decision along with me wanting to be done, and Emilia starting to self ween anyway. So, this is how we plan to move forward.

I will continue to pump in the mornings until we no long have to mix bottles. BUT for now we are starting with her late afternoon nursing session and switching to a bottle for this feeding. We do 2/3 breastmilk to start and see how she handles that, then move to half and half, again seeing how she handles that, then 2/3 whole milk, and then finally all whole milk for that bottle. This is the only time we slowly transition with the quantity of milk in her bottle. After this has been established we will move to having her early afternoon nursing session as a bottle of whole milk. Do that for a few days and then her late morning nursing session will be moved to a bottle. Then we’ll have her first nursing session of the day switch to a bottle, saving the bedtime nursing session for last. Honestly I don’t know when we will completely cut this nursing session out. I like this nursing session because it’s that sweet time of day when she’s sleepy and just wants to snuggle up to me. It’s also the only nursing session she stays latched on for longer than 2 minutes.

I’m also excited for this because I tend to hold on to a little extra weight while breastfeeding. I noticed when we started weening Nicholas that I actually dropped those stubborn 5 pounds pretty quickly. I’m not saying this is how it is for everyone, but it is how it is for me. So that will be exciting to see how I can push myself with my nutrition and see even more improvement in my results as I won’t need to consume extra calories to keep my milk supply up. I know this sounds selfish, but really I’m just ready to have my body back and have it be mine again. I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last three years and that has really taken it’s toll on me. So here’s the next chapter of postpartum healing and being officially done calling it postpartum? Right? I don’t know, maybe that’s a topic I’ll dive more into later…

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