Starting Over

I struggled with this choice for a few days, because honestly I hate quitting things. I hate giving up on something, but I realized if something isn’t serving me then I NEED to move on from it.

I am going to quit the boxing program I have been doing. It was a lot of fun, but it’s not what I need right now in my fitness journey. I need something that is going to PUSH me physically. It was definitely challenging mentally and honestly was an amazing workout every time I did it. I just felt like it was missing something that made me feel like I was getting stronger. I might still incorporate a boxing day here and there as I move on with a different program but it will only be for fun.

Anyway, my Summer Shred Series is starting tomorrow June 1 and I wanted to jump in with my clients that are starting! So I’ll be doing a 6 week series combining 21 Day Fix Real Time and 21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time. My clients will get access to my personal meal plan as well as all the recipes, grocery lists, and support they need to help them build their own meal plans each week. I want to help them and myself get the best possible results while doing this.

In recent weeks I have let my nutrition slide and I’ve put back on a few pounds as well so although I’m not starting back at square one I am having to redo some of the work I put in to begin with.
Starting Weght 149 pounds May 31 2020

As always you can do this with me, reach out via e-mail OR go straight to enrollment here:

Basic Start Package (superfoods, sliders and resistance loops)

Performance Package (all natural pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)

Base Plus Performance (superfoods, pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)

Mega Pack (Basic and Performance x2)

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