California Beaches Open?

If you’ve been following COVID-19 which I’m sure everyone has you know that literally everything has been shut down since March. Some areas more strictly than others, and in California the beaches in Los Angeles county have had some of the strictist closure rules. Up until this last weekend you weren’t even allowed to go to the beach to exercise because they were overcrowded. This weekend was the first weekend that they allowed people to go back to the beach for exercise. You couldn’t lay a towel out or put up and umbrella or sit on the sand but you could walk. So Nach and I decided to go on a day date to do just that.

We drove down to Santa Monica and decided to drive the Pacific Coast Highway up to Ventura and then head home from there. It was such a beautiful day and gorgeous drive. We grabbed pizza for lunch in Santa Monica from Stefanos Pizzeria and did curbside pick up. We then found a spot along the clifside in the grass and ate our lunch until some very hungry squirrels chased us off. We oved closer to the road and finished our food in peace. The food was good and the atmosphere was just what we expected. There were some people wearing masks, some not, and there were definitely a lot of people out and about.

After that we drove toward Malibu, we planned on stopping there but don’t really know the city that well and honestly parking along the highway seemed near impossible. There were cars lined up for miles so we just kept driving until we got to Zuma Beach where we were able to find parking and decided to get out and walk along the beach and take some pictures as well.

On Zuma Beach it definitely was not as strict as it is in LA county, there were sheriffs vehicles present but people were keeping their distance and you are allowed to layout a towel, put up an umbrella, and hang out. We’ll definitely be bringing the kids with us next time!

Once we were done there we drove our way up to Ventura. We were desperately on the hunt for a Jamba Juice but they were all closed in the area, and right when we were about to give up I found Blenders in the Grass. Their smoothies are AMAZING! Like blow Jamba Juice and Orange Julius out of the water amazing. Definitely recommend if you are somewhere on the central coast of California as they have 17 different locations. We got the raspberry and it was our first time so that’s the one I can hands down recommend but I’m certain all of their flavors are equally delicious. We went into downtown Ventura and walked around a little, I can only imagine how fun this little town is when things are actually open. It’s so cute and there are a ton of little restaurants and boutiques to shop at.

We took the scenic route home which, really if you want quickness to get back home for us that’s the way to go anyway. It truly was such a beautiful drive. The air was clean and the mountains were painted in yellow from the bloom of all the wildflowers. We ran into some people at one of the lookouts who had asked if we could take pictures for them, and they returned the favor. It was nice to see that there are still people out there who aren’t paralyzed by fear.

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