Week One Update Ten Rounds

Last week was a whirlwind! I feel like the workouts FLEW by but the week drug on. I didn’t do any blogging, which is very abnormal because I schedule it in as a daily activity. It helps keep my focused and on task to blog daily. Despite being so scatter brained I actually had huge success with my nutrition and workouts, it’s almost like starting a new program really switched up my mindset and was exactly what I needed to re-ignite my excitement for goals. That, and I think California opening beaches got me to say enough was enough with the poor excuses for not focusing on my nutrition like I should. Bikini season HERE I COME! Even if we can only walk on the beach, it still counts in my book and I can’t wait to spend the summer on the beach.

Anyway, I had no idea what to expect with this program. I knew it would be mentally tough as you have to learn combos, stance, and proper technique but I had no idea how much this would work my core. Like HELLO abs 2020 because they ARE going to happen!

I did not weigh myself yet this week, and I’m thinking I’m going to switch to only weighing myself every other week. I’m not in a bad place mentally with it, but it’s actually kind of time consuming to get on the scale and remember to do it.

THIS MONTH we are having $20 OFF Special on ALL programs SO if you want to do THIS program with me or the 80 Day program I did last follow these links to enrollment and we can get you started!

Basic Start Package 80 Day Obsession(superfoods, sliders, containers and resistance loops)
Basic Start Package 10 Rounds (superfoods, resistance loops)

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