Tips For Staying Active

I get asked all the time how I stay active and make my fitness goals a priority, especially with two little ones running around. So I had to think how do I do it? Because honestly it seems damn near impossible somedays and yet here I am still showing up every day, and making progress toward my goals. I compiled tne things that I do daily that add up and dramatically make me more successful than others.

1. I wake up BEFORE my kids. Yep. I wake up when I want to, not when they’re ready to start the day. Even on days I’m not working out I still wake up at least 1 hour before them so I can start my day on MY terms. This really sets the tone for everything.
2. I work out more days than I don’t. I like to workout at least 5 days a week, but bare minimum I make sure I do 4 workouts a week. This ensures that more often than not I am getting in some kind of challenging physicly activity. And I don’t mean your leisurely afternoon stroll, I mean legit sweaty mess workouts AT LEAST 4 days a week.
3. I tell people about my goals. I know there are quotes all over the place that are like “let your results do the talking” but I like having others betting against me. Weird right? I like proving people wrong. It HIGHLY motivates me. I also like to tell other for their SUPPORT. You have no idea how many people will rally behind you and support the crap out of you if you just let them!
4. I write my goals down EVERY morning. The more I write them down the more they evolve, and the more imprinted they are in my brain.
5. I do workouts that I enjoy. End of story. If I start something that I don’t like I don’t continue to torture myself with it. I switch it up often so I don’t get bored, and with a library full of thousands of workouts that’s pretty easy to do.

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