Saturday Fun in the Sun

Decided to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather we’ve been having and pulled out the kiddie pool. We may not be able to run off to the beach like we usually would on a day like this, but we can still have a fun filled afternoon in the sun.

I wasn’t sure how Emilia would like it since this is the first time we’ve really let her play in the water. She does okay with baths but she slips and slides all over the place still so we don’t do a whole lot of playing in the tub. Also, I’m a stickler and want bath time to be bath time.

I’ve been feeling a little stuck having to stay home lately and wanted to find a way to break up the monotony of being at the house all day. It’s actually always been a little bit of a struggle for me since I am usually home all day with the kids. My only source of ‘getting away’ before quarantine was my weekly trip to Target and to go get groceries. Now, that doesn’t even happen and if it does it’s not the same leisurely stroll through the aisles while I sip on my Starbuck’s drink. (which this is likely an activity that will happen FIRST after all of this is said and done).

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