Bodyweight Leg Day

So if I look like I’m having a hard time with holding it together it’s because I am, the neighbor kids were having some sibling issues and it was too funny. Seriously reminded me of how it was growing up with my sister and brothers, ALWAYS fighting, anyone else? Hahaha.

Anyway, over on Instagram you all asked for a bodyweight leg workout SO here it is. Keep in mind reps will be HIGHER because there is no added resistance (weight) IF you don’t have weights try filling a milk jug with water, soup cans, or your baby/toddler/dog if you have one. ENJOY!

Single Leg Split Squat x15 EACH

Squat Jumps x15

Lunge Pulses x20 (only come half way up)

Sumo Squat Pulse x20 (Again only come half way up)

Bear Stance Donkey Kick Pulse x20 EACH (You will start at a neutral position and kick up toward the sky/ceiling and come back down to neutral for a pulse)

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