Two Weeks Left!

As I write this I’m getting a little emotional. I started this 80 day journey with a much different end in mind. I did not expect my all expense paid vacation that jumpstarted me diong this program to get cancelled because of a pandemic. I didn’t know that I would be on quarantine for the end of this program and need to be grocery shopping for weeks at a time. Meaning fresh fruits and vegetables are little more scarce in this house at times.

Despite all of the obstacles I have pulled through. I had a tough two weeks there and last week I decided I was going to pull my act together and stop using this pandemic as an excuse to be so willy nilly about my diet. I wasn’t perfect by any means, but I definitely cleaned it up a lot. Which has given me the motivation to KEEP IT UP and go even harder these last two weeks. Next week will be a deplete week and I intend to do it, even with breastfeeding. I’ll just bump up a calorie bracket and my supply should be fine.

I wanted to share my progress from the last week though because I think it’s important to SEE what happened when I just ate like an asshole for an entire week and when I decided to clean it up. And yes this is ONLY a week between these two photos. I was bloated and very uncomfortable in the first and this morning I woke up feeling lean, clean, and happy.

As always you can do this with me, reach out via e-mail OR go straight to enrollment here:

Basic Start Package (superfoods, sliders and resistance loops)
Performance Package (all natural pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Base Plus Performance (superfoods, pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Mega Pack (Basic and Performance x2)
Bowflex Adjustable Weights (these are the weights that I use every day)

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