Home Workout Essentials

With everyone working out at home I’ve made it my little mission to try and get you as many workouts as possible to help you make the most of your fitness goals during this time. Despite common beliefs you CAN get killer results working out at home, but a big question for most is: what equipment do I really need?

Even when I did gym workouts I rarely used the machines and stuck mostly to using free weights, resistance loops, and the cable machines. So, how does that translate to home workouts? First of all we all know I use Beachbody programs and I am a Beachbody Coach so that’s where I get my workouts and exercise versatility from. Simply put I have adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex, a couple sets of resistance loops, some strength slides, and a resistance band which is basically a replacement for cable machines. I also have a yoga mat and foam roller which are nice to have but not required.

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