Back Attack Workout

Now I know what you’re thinking. Really a back workout? From home? Without a pull up bar, barbell, or row machine? YUP. That’s what I said! So hear me out. I honestly have not seen my back THIS lean or felt this strong since I was 20 maybe 21? Thats like 8 years ago. A lot of that has to do with diet, but also the workouts I’m doing are helping me BUILD a strong lean back again and I can’t help but absolutely LOVE it!

This is how you get that hourglass shape afterall ladies. So here are some of my favorite exercises all in one place.

3 Rounds 10 Repetitions Each

Wide to Narrow Table Top Row with Resistance Loop

Standing Row with Resistance Band

Boat Pose Pulldown

Renegade Row with Resistance Loop

Lat Pulldown with Resistance Band

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