5 Tips to Drink More Water

Last week I struggle HARD with water intake and staying on track in general. This week I’ve done a few things to help make sure I stay on track. I’m halfway through day 2 of CRUSHING my nutrition goals and happy to say that I am 64oz in with my water intake as well. So obviously what I’m doing is working.

HERE are my tips and what I’ve been doing to focus on drinking more water:
1. Have a CUTE cup to drink from. You’ll want to take it everywhere, even if you are just moving from your bedroom to the couch
2. Make it ice cold! I kjnow some people like room temp water (idk who you are but to each his own) BUT I like my water cold as it can get!
3. Drink it from a straw! Idk why but this seriously makes a huge difference for me
4. Use a water infuser to add flavor with lemon, lime, strawberry, mint, cucumber, oranges, or whatever you have on hand
5. Aim for half your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 160 lb aim for 80 oz of water

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