Easter Sunday Quarantined

We usually have a big family get together for Easter as I’m sure many of you do too, but this year being under quarantine it’s much much different for us. I won’t be doing my normal “body” update on my program either. I kind of want to save the big reveal and I also am still weighing the same. So no real updates to give anyway.

Today I wanted to make sure I still did something to make it special for us. So we did Easter baskets as usual, I did a little self care in the form of washing my face, and put on a comfortable and cute romper. I wanted to share the skin care products I’ve been using religiously for the last 5 months with you because it truly has helped my skin look and feel so much better. I have less breakouts and my skin is just brighter and more moisturized. They are also doin a 50% off sale on their face masks and also donating masks to healthcare workers for every purchase until April 31st or while supplies last. Amazing if you ask me!

Here are some snapshots of the kids from this morning. I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly because I don’t want anyone feeling defeated like I did for not being able to get the “perfect” shot to share.

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