Feel Good Tricks

Woke up feeling less than excited for the day. I really wanted to not do anything, but as a mom thats not really an option. So, I got up and fed Emilia obviously but I also decided pretty quickly that I was in control of how my day was going to end up. I’m in control of whether or not today is a good day.

Quarantine is really starting to take it’s toll on me. Family is missing out on Emilia growing and it breaks my heart. Nicholas cries for his grandpa and it just tears me up inside. Whats one visit to TaTa going to hurt? But I know deep down we can’t. We have to stay away to keep them safe. We have to stay away to help flatten the curve. But it’s HARD.

I decided though that I wasn’t going to let our circumstances win today. I decided I was going to win the day regardless. So, I pressed play on my workout, I’ve been eating on plan, I washed my hair, did my makeup, got dressed, and made the bed. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. It also helps that the sun is back out today, which really is why I live in California in the first place. ALL THE SUNSHINE PLEASE.


I want this to have some tangible takeaways for you too:
1. Do what makes you feel good.
2. Move your body
4. Make your bed
5. Take a shower
6. And whatever you do, DON’T let the shitty cloud of despair win!

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