Toddler Time

On today’s episode of fun things I’m doing with Nicholas we made Moon Dough! This is a super trendy activity right now, like it’s ALL OVER Instagram, so naturally I had to give it a go. Turns out Nicholas may be a little young for the actual dough part.. He wasn’t very sure what to do or very interested in actually picking the dough up and playing. In his defense that kind of stuff isn’t my strong suit either. We might need other bigger kids around to help him figure that out. Which isn’t really possible right now with COVID-19 going around so rampantly.

Anyway, I won’t be giving a history lesson on this activity just that if you’re anything like me and otherwise clueless about these types of activities maybe don’t have the toddler do the pouring.. I let Nicholas pour the corn starch into the bowl and it POOFED since it didn’t just fall out slowly. Corn starch is not like flour.. Lesson learned. I will tell you one thing this kid is his mother’s child because he did not want to play or really do much Moon Dough action until the mess from the corn starch was cleaned up.

How to make the Infamous Moon Dough!
1 cup corn starch
1/2 cup conditioner or lotion
2-3 drop food coloring
I used Tresemme but I don’t think there is any specific type that works best. Whatever you have on hand should work just fine. If your moon dough is too sticky add more corn starch OR if it is too flaky add more conditioner. For the food coloring I used the NEON spring colors from McCormick, because it is strangely what I had on hand so it actually worked perfect for Easter.

After our big POOF I let Nicholas help pump the conditioner (I know we could have screwed off the lid etc and made it easier BUT I also have these activities double as a form of Speech Therapy for him). Then I let him mix which was a lot easier than mixing corn starch and water. We added, and counted, the food coloring drops. Be aware that it does not get the nice even coloring until you’ve kneaded it a little and played with it, but the color does eventually spread through the dough evenly.

For storage I simply put it in a double loc ziploc bag and labeled it with Nicholas’ name and the date.

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