What Fun Meal Plans Are Made Of

*This post does contain comissionable links*

I surprisingly get asked pretty frequently what I eat on a regular basis, and I’ll be honest: it’s nothing fancy. There are no crazy organic this and backyard grown that ingredients. In my Fitness Community and monthly Bootcamps my clients are all pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to implement the meal plans I give them into their day to day lives. I eat real hearty meals just like eveyrone else: spaghetti, hamburgers, tacos, etc.

So, I thought it would be fun to share here a full day of what I eat just so you can see how easy it actually is to follow one of my meal plans. I’ll go over everything I eat and provide links to all of the recipes if there are any since I will be sharing the recipes here on the blog as well.

For the particular program I am doing right now 80 Day Obsession I have been following a very specific Timed Nutrition approach which is just fancy wording for eating during a specific time window based on what time of the day I workout, and eating certain foods at certain times around my workout to help refuel my body afterwards and give me the needed energy during the workout. I typically workout in the morning so my first meal of the day (breakfast) is also my pre-workout meal, and then I have a mid morning snack or post-workout meal about an hour after my workout. The rest of my meals are all spaced 2-3 hours apart.

Pre Workout Meal: Eaten about 60 minutes BEFORE my workout and typically serves as my breakfast. This meal also calls for a ‘teaspoon’ which is used for oils, nut butters, etc. So I’ll have a tsp of either butter or peanut butter on my toast with this meal.
Pre Workout Supplements: I use our Beachbody Energize and I drink it about 20 minutes BEFORE I press play on my workouts, and I also have some in the afternoon for a little pick me up. With only 100mg of caffeine per serving and all natural ingredients I feel way more comfortable drinking this than I do an energy drink. Compared to other pre workouts I’ve tried I feel like Energize gives me a natural boost without getting the jitters or hitting a huge crash later.
Post Workout: Recover is a post workout protein shake that focuses on repairing muscles and helping reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It has EAAs as well as BCAAs and these are the main components in helping with muscle recovery.
Post Workout Meal: This is usually eaten 60-90 minutes AFTER my workout and typically serves as my lunch. So, I have tacos a lot. Other combos for this meal would be quinoa, ground turkey, and broccoli slaw for a simplified Egg Roll in a Bowl type meal. This meal also calls for a teaspoon which I just use olive oil to brown my meat or seomtimes use the teaspoon of oil to heat up my corn tortillas.
Snack: This meal can sometimes be tricky, but I actually really like having more ‘snacky’ type foods for this one. One of my favorites though is these air fryer zuchinni pizza bites.
Snack 2: Yes TWO snacks a day!! Best meal plan EVER, don’t @ me. So for this snack I usually have my Shakeology and some mixed frozen fruit. I use unsweetened plain almond milk which counts as a teaspoon as well for the purposes of this meal plan.
Dinner: The biggest meal of the day and one of my favorites because it can easily be used for a salad as well. Any oil based dressing is a go for this and again a teaspoon is also used in this meal but I usually just use olive oil to cook my meat so thats where that goes in at. The dressing category can also be used for seeds so I like to do half the serving using sunflower seeds and the other half for dressing. Helps make the salad fun AND reduce the amount of dressing.

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