Play Time Activities

While we’re all quarantined I’m sure we’re searching for ways to keep our little ones occupied. I’m not typically this creative or crafty with activities for the kids, honestly most the time we just watch movies, stack cups, or play with the toys they already have, but even I’m starting to get bored so I wanted to liven thigns up a bit.

For Nicholas I found these water beads through another bloggers suggestion based off of what her son loves, and Nicholas is about the same age as her son so I figured it’d be a hit for him as well, and well, it was.

For Emilia I went with a more DIY activity and simply placed a piece of white paper in a one gallon ziploc bag with some washable non toxic paint and let her smoosh the paint around and have fun with it. She was interested in it for about 5 minutes, but the set up I had for her was fun enough that she stayed content for a good 30 minutes. I set her up in the kiddie pool with a blanket and some of her favorite toys. I can’t really take credit for any of these ideas because I definitely found them on Pinterest.

*this post does contain commissionable links*

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