Lean Arms Workout

I wanted to put together a workout for you with a focus on arms, but that also targeted the upper body and core. I also wanted this to be easily executed with minimal equipment; all you need for this workout is a resistance band and/or loop.

I know there are a lot of “fun” and “fancy” workouts floating around right now to keep your home workouts interesting, and while I do like to add some new fun moves in to keep it interesting I am more interested in something that will challenge you and get you the results you want. So that is always my main motivator with these workouts.

For this workout you’ll complete 10 REPS of each exercise and REPEAT the CIRCUIT 3 times

Tricep Extensions (loop)

Renegade Row and Twist

Lat Pulldown

Plank Shoulder Taps


Spider Pushups

Shoulder Press

Bicep Curl

PS: Don’t mind Nicholas he was trying to workout with me and literally had me laughing the entire time. I really mean it when I say this is by far my favorite age with Nicholas. He is so full of spunk and energy.

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