At Home Booty Workout

Of all the types of workouts I get requests for booty workouts are number one. This always makes me laugh because I know it’s very trendy to have a booty these days. It’s very important to work all parts of your legs to really build the aesthetics of developed glutes. Really, you need to have strong hamstrings to help lift your booty up off the back of you leg, and nicely developed quads so that your legs look proportionate. So keep that in mind when going for that bubble butt look and building your glutes; don’t neglect the other parts of your legs!

You’ll perform each exercise 10 times and go through the circuit 3 times all the way through. So, you’ll complete 10 reps of exercise one, then the second exercise, then third, and so on. Once all the way through you’ll start back at the beginning. For this workout all you need is a resistance loop, have fun!

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