Day Trip to the Valley

Right before COVID-19 started having everyone really go all in with social distancing my husband and I took a little trip to the valley. We went out to Conoga Park CA and spent the day at the Westfield Topanga Mall. We’ve been a few times before and honestly just love the change of scenery, the stores, and the openness. As people who avoid big crowds regularly anyway we’ve found this place to be a little slice of heaven for us since it’s quite large even if there are a lot of people there you’d never be able to tell. It has never felt crowded to us, and there were never lines in any of the stores.

While we were here this time we walked into the cutest little chocolate shop. I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as we walked in I knew I wanted five million pictures taken to share, because it was that cute! Sure the girls working looked at us like we were a tad bit ridiculous, but I’m also sure they didn’t mind after we spend a good chunk of change on the delicious macaroons they had.

Other favorite places for us to to stop are Cotton On Kids, Janie and Jack, Anthropologie, Lululemon, Fabletics (The Village), and Lucky Brand Jeans. Since most of our day trips are quick we don’t typically stop for food while we are here, but soon enough I’m sure I’ll share what restaurants I would recommend.

Travelling at all with kids is tricky, but when the kids are on strict schedules like mine how do we manage? We plan EVERYTHING around nap times. Literally. We leave right when naptime is supposed to happen, that way baby girl can nap in the car, we stop for lunch when it’s time for her to eat again, and then she has her wake time in the car again. Once we get to our destination, which for this trip was timed out perfectly for nap time to happen again, we can enjoy about an hour and a half of walking around looking at the shops etc. before she wakes up again to eat. We pause our activities get her fed and then start shopping around again. About thirty minutes before naptime is to happen again we start to head out. Bathroom stop to change diapers, clean up, let Nicholas run around a little to burn off some steam, and then head to the car where both kiddos zonk out for the ride home. This gives us about 4 hours or so at our destination and honestly is just perfect for our family. We’ve never been big on shutting the place down or staying out until all hours of the night. We get in and get out. We see what we want to see, have a plan, and stick to it.

While we won’t be going on any of these day trips for awhile now I’m sure we’ll find some activities outside of the house that we can enjoy during this time of social distancing/self quarantine. What are you and your family doing during this time to keep from getting Cabin Fever?

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