How to Deal In These Times

If you follow me on Instagram you’re already aware that our trip to Punta Cana with Beachbody was cancelled. The CEO made the call on March 11 because of COVID-19. Honestly, my husband and I were considering cancelling the trip on our own accord anyway. We have too many family members that are in the high risk pool and just don’t want to risk it. The beach will always be there, our family won’t. Also, if we did get sick we would be quarantined for 14 days right? And what about our children, or what if they stopped all flights including returning home? Just not worth it in times like these.

So, what else have we done? We’ve gotten the things we need to be good with food, toiletries, and just overall are planning on staying home unless we need to leave. We are homebodies already and practice social distancing in general so really our day to day lives in this house won’t change much. My husband will still be needing to go to work since his company has not instructed otherwise, but since I work from home I’ll use this time to work even harder if he does have to end up coming home.

We’ve been enjoying our daily walks still and honestly daily life is about the same. Gyms are closing, but since I workout at home I’m taking advantage of my home workouts as always and enjoying the freedom that gives me to continue moving my body and stay healthy. I also think we’ll be taking on a few more projects around the house to keep ourselves busy. As much as we are home bodies we do like to get out and about on the weekends and explore new places, go shopping, try new restaurants, etc. so I really think that’s the only thing that will be changing for us right now.

What things are different for you and your family during this time?

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