Treat Meal or Cheat Meal?

I don’t like calling treats cheats because what am I even cheating on? Societies idea of a “clean diet”? I live life in balance most of the time and while right now I’m going all in with my meal plan, meaning no treats until our vacation, I still don’t like the way “cheat meal” sounds. It creates a very negative ideology around food, so I refocused my energy on the food that society has deemed “bad”. This has helped my mindset around food so much. When I stopped saying things were off limits it stopped making me want them as much too. You know that saying “you always want what you can’t have”? I really think there is something to it. It’s like we’re programmed to want things we are told we can’t. So I stopped telling myself that I can’t have certain foods and started telling myself that if I really want to eat something I can, but I need to get rid of the guilt I used to associate with it.

Typically I have about two treats a week and that can be in the form of ice cream, pizza, smoothies from Jamba Juice, or drinks with a dinner out. Planning this out and owning it helps me maintain a positive mindset around food. I used to let food control me and use it as a crutch for dealing with emotions. When I was stressed I’d eat. When I was bored I’d eat. When I was sad I’d eat. When I was tired I’d eat. When I was celebrating I’d eat. When I was feeling anxious I’d eat. When I was feeling guilty about eating I’d eat more. Treat meals would turn into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. I got so sick of feeling guilt around food and sick of feeling gross about myself for wanting to eat that I knew I need to change. So I did.

I did a lot of work on my mindset, and now I can see treats in a healthy light. I won’t say that it just happened over night. When I say it took a lot of work I mean it took A LOT OF WORK. It’s really hard to undo all of the bullshit lies you have told yourself your whole life. Healing my relationship with food actually started around the same time I started working from home as a health and fitness coach. My company encourages us to take care of ourselves so that we can better serve others, I knew I needed to work on my relationship with food so I started reading The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells and seriously everything changed for me! I highly recommend it because now I can say: “Food is just food and it has no control over me anymore.”

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