House Projects

We are legitimately CRAZY! We started building new shelves for the garage to make it more organized, look nicer, more functional, and potentially have space for garage gym equipment. We went to Lowe’s Monday evening to go pick up more supplies to be able to finish and while we were there a vanity that I’ve been eye balling was on major sale. So, we bought it, and a new shower head, faucet, set up thing because the one we have won’t let us use the faucet to fill the tub. Our old vanity is small, ugly, and not very functional AT ALL.

As with any project there were plenty of hiccups and honestly a job that should’ve only taken a few hours took all afternoon. We started at about 2:00 PM and finished at 7:00 PM. Everything started out great and it was surprisingly really easy to remove the old vanity. The only hiccup in that process was that the shut off valve under the sink for the cold water line didn’t work so we had to completely shut off the water to the house. Luckily we have an extremely nice neighbor who saw my husband messing with the water shut off outside and he had the tool he needed to make that easier.

Once we got the old vanity out we saw that we might need to return the new one all together because the shelf on the new one was the same height as the water lines and the drain pipe for the sink. We quickly came up with a solution though and added taller feet to the legs and that problem was fixed. Then we had to make a final decision to actually keep the vanity because we need to drill holes into the bottom for the drainage pip and water lines to go through. Spoiler: it turned out perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.

We still have a TON of work to do in here: add the backsplash, new mirror, shelves above the toilet, paint, new decorative towels, and install the new shower head. I am so excited about this project because it’s honestly something we’ve talked about doing since we moved into this house. I never liked the vanity that was there, and the medicine cabinet is made with cheap plastic, not functional at all, and the magnet to keep the mirror closed doesn’t even work. We’ve needed a new one for years, but if you know my husband he’s got a tight wallet and unless we can find an awesome deal on it we aren’t getting it. Now that we’ve started the project though we will need to finish it and the new things will be purchased and installed rather quickly.

This is what we have so far. Not finished by oh so much better!

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