Vacation Prep Update

This week I started a whole new set of workouts with new exercises and even training muscle groups in a different order. It was basically like starting a whole new program this week. I was more sore this week than I have been from the beginning and it reignited my excitement for following my meal plan as well! I actually find myself not wanting any of the junk food that I typically crave because now I’ve been doing this so long and I feel so great.

This week of the plan I actually get a modified refeed day where I’ll be adding extra carbs into my diet and they will be more simple carbs rather than the complex carbs I’ve been focusing on eating. This will help restore glycogen stores and give me a little spike in my blood sugar and energy levels to allow me to push really hard in my workout the following day. It’s somewhat like carb loading before a big race or competition that some athletes will do.

This week I am weighing in at 142.5 so this is the 5th consecutive week of actual weight loss which is amazing and honestly surprises me because I did not think I had this much potential for actual weight loss. I’m excited to see where the next two weeks end up for my vacation!

As always you can do this with me, reach out via e-mail OR go straight to enrollment here:
Basic Start Package (superfoods, sliders and resistance loops)
Performance Package (all natural pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Base Plus Performance (superfoods, pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Mega Pack (Basic and Performance x2)
Bowflex Adjustable Weights (these are the weights that I use every day)

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