Phase 1 Results

This is so surreal to me that I’m already done with Phase 1 of this program. 26 days in, and I’m feeling so good! I’ve proven to myself what I’m capable of and that yes this is hard, but I’m stronger than my limiting beliefs.

More important than the weight I’ve lost or the physical changes, I’m feeling more confident than I ever have before. Just by proving to myself that I can take control and I don’t have to buy in to what other people think I should be doing or listen to the self doubt that used to circulate in my head.

Between sleep training Emilia, 4:30 AM wake ups to workout, sticking to a meal plan 100%, and really giving every workout my all I can tell you that these small things I’m doing consistently are giving me the confidence and the results I’ve gained. Sleep training Emilia=more sleep for me which means I have more energy to show up and work hard.

Now for the results so far:

Current weight: 142.0
Pounds lost so far: 10.8

Now, on to Phase 2. To get started I will recalculate my meal plan info while still making adjustments for breastfeeding which keeps me in the same bracket. The workouts are going to be completely new with all new exercises that are building on what I was doing during Phase 1!

As always you can do this with me, reach out via e-mail OR go straight to enrollment here:
Basic Start Package (superfoods, sliders and resistance loops)
Performance Package (all natural pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Base Plus Performance (superfoods, pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Mega Pack (Basic and Performance x2)
Bowflex Adjustable Weights (these are the weights that I use every day)

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