Four Fat Burning Tips

These actually have nothing to do with diet. I want to come out with that upfront and these are not quick fixes either. These are things you can add into your fitness routine and daily lifestyle to help you reach your goals more efficiently. Simple and to the point as well:

1. HIIT Cardio: This is more about efficiency than actualy effectiveness. Steady state cardio will for sure burn the same amount of calories and merit the same fat loss benefits but you need to do it for a longer period of time than HIIT cardio. This also makes it more fun for me. HIIT cardio is simply doing a more intense cardio interval followed by a less intense recovery move. You can split these up many different ways: 30 seconds and 30 seconds off, 45 seconds and 15 seconds, 30 seconds and weight lifting exercise, etc. your choice and based on your fitness level.

2. Weight Triaing: This one is simple enough. It takes your body more energy to maintain muscle than it does fat so the more muscle you have the higher your calorie burn is throughout the day in general. Muscle is also more dense than fat so a pound of muscle takes up less space on your body than a pound of fat. So two people can weigh the same but if one has a higher percentage of muscle than the other they will in fact be “smaller” in size.

3. Adequate Sleep: You need to be getting between 6-8 hours of sleep every night. This is when your body recovers, rebuilds, and rests. Also without adequate sleep your body is less responsive to insulin which results in extra fats and sugars circulating in your blood and causes you to pump out MORE inulin, which then causes you to store more fat. Also your leptin and ghrelin levels get out of whack causing leptin (hunger hormone) levels to reduce which stimulates ghrelin (stimulate hunger and reduces metabolic rate) which causes you to feel hungry and less satiated.

4. Calories in v. Calories Out: At the end of the day in order to lose weight you need to be burning more calories than you eat. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can increase the intensity of your workouts or you can decrease the amount of food you eat. You need to do this safely though and in a non-obsessive manner. You want to make sure your macronutrients and micronutrients are balanced. And you need to be doing something that is sustainable to YOUR lifestyle and goals.

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