Setting the Tone for the Week

Every Sunday evening I sit down and plan out my week. This helps me set the tone for how productive I will be in the following days. I plan how many posts I’ll be doing here on the blog, topics, pictures I’ll need to take, etc. I also plan out my content for Instagram. Without having any plan I feel like it can get very messy very quickly and thats truly no way to run any sort of platform. I also need this plan and semi structure since working from home is literally the strongest form of the honor system with yourself. My productivity is my responsibility and I don’t have anyone to answer to. This takes a lot of discipline so here are some of my top tips for how I do that.

1. I schedule EVERYTHING into my day: my workout, meals, playtime, naptime, work blocks, laundry, house work, literally everything. I feel like everyone says they don’t have time for x,y, or z but when we write out our daily activities is literally every minute and hour filled with productivity? Probably not. I’m not saying you have to give up Netflix, but instead of watching 5 episodes of your favorite show, just watch one and use the other time doing things that help push you forward.

2. I meal prep. I know this sounds crazy for productivity throughout the week, but really it saves so much time because I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat which usually would take me like 20 minutes to figure out. Then I’d have to make it and that’s another 10 or so minutes. I also plan our my kids lunches so that I know right away what I’m going to put on a plate for Nicholas and Emilia. This probably saves me the most time of all.

3. I give myself time limits. I use the Ering Condren Lifeplanner and absolutely love it because you can have time slots for your daily schedule. I was also able to customize stickers to put into the time slots which was a lot of fun. Anyway, back to the point, I give myself a set amount of time to do something so that I’m on a “deadline” of sorts. This really helps with my productivity and if I plan this out ahead of time on Sunday it’s like I’ve already taken the guess work out of my week. I just look at my planner every morning and know how my day is going to play out.

4. I don’t open social media apps to scroll. I rarely just scroll on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest anymore. I use these platforms to run my business so I stick to business building activities when I am on these apps. If I’m going to make a post I make the post quickly, reply to any comments within the first hour, and take that time to also respond to DM’s, connect with other women, and maybe post a couple stories.

5. I do all of my laundry on Sundays. This way I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the week. It’s a pretty daunting task but first thing I do when I wake up is start with our bedding, and then move through the four different loads that we have. The kid’s laundry gets done on Monday’s typically.

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