Countdown to Punta Cana

Weekly check in with all of you and I feel SO good! The bloating from last week is gone. I think the biggest thing for me during this time is how committed I have been to sticking to my goal with nutrition. This doesn’t really have anything to do with weightless for me. Although I am using weight to track my progress right now I really want to use this as proof to myself (and to others) that it’s possible to keep a commitment to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a constant internal struggle of guilt and regret, you just simply stick to your word and stay true to your intentions.

These are my updated pictures- I’m saving the side by side for next week because we will officially be done with Phase 1! There are three phases in this program and let me tell you each one challenges you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

My weight this week is 143.3 that means I am down 9.3 pounds already. I know that some of this was water weight in the beginning and as I keep going the number may not budge much. I want you to understand why though; as we lose more fat and have less of it to actually lose our bodies want to hold onto it for protection. Like a just in case scenario, also as we are building muscle which is more DENSE than fat (it doesn’t not weigh more than fat 1 pound is 1 pound people) you likely won’t see many changes on the scale. Your body composition will change drastically though and thats why taking measurements and photos are so vital to seeing your own success!

As always if you want to do this program with me here are a few links to help get you started!
Basic Start Package (superfoods, sliders and resistance loops)
Performance Package (all natural pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Base Plus Performance (superfoods, pre workout, post workout, sliders, and resistance loops)
Mega Pack (Basic and Performance x2)
Bowflex Adjustable Weights (these are the weights that I use every day)

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