Family Day Trip

My husband and I are very big on exploring new places and making as many fun memories for Nicholas and Emilia as we can. We really believe that it is our mission to give these kids a magical childhood where they get to actually enjoy being kids. I want to create traditions with them, memories they can talk about forever, and have as much fun with them as possible. They might be a little young to remember right now, but having the pictures to look back on will always bring my heart joy.

This weekend we went out to Topanga CA and went to the Topanga Shopping Mall and The Village. It’s an awesome place to go because it’s not overly crowded and is actually very family friendly. Between the carousel in the mall and the water pads outside at The Village Nicholas had plenty to do.

There were also plenty of other photo opportunities as there was a feature wall and some really cool chair to relax on while watching the kiddos play on the splash pad.

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