Vacation Prep Update

This last week was hard, I had a lot of cravings and felt super bloated all week. It left me feeling like what is the point if I feel like this ya know? But, I stuck it out and I’m so glad I did. I felt stronger all week and my husband was even cheering me on saying how proud he was of my dedication even though things were getting hard.

I want to talk about this move specifically from the Saturday workout, since its the same every week it’s a really good way to track progress and see how much stronger I’m getting. This is called a mule kick, the first time I did this program I could barely get my legs up and definitely did not have my feet over my head. I still have a lot of work to do, and I really want to use this move as a way to track how I’m doing. My goal is to be able to actually hold for a second at the top so I can get a GOOD picture of it. So, I’ll be sharing a weekly update on that as well!

I didn’t take progress photos this week honestly because I still felt bloated and just didn’t have the same excitement about it. BUT I did still weigh myself, again I’m not doing this because I’m hyper obsessed with the actual number, but because I want to make sure I’m making weekly progress and paying attention to how my body is reacting. I’m using it as a tracking tool and I’ve found I’m actually having a pretty good experience with it so far. If that changes at all though I will stop weighing.

This weeks weigh in: 147.0
That makes for another 1.8 pounds lost this week

As always IF you want to do this program with me HERE is a link for you to get started. It will give you everything you need- resistance loops, strength slides, meal plan, portion control containers for the plan, and access to my private FB group for one on one coaching with me.
30 Day Superfoods Challenge Pack
30 Day Pre-Workout and Post Workout
30 Day Superfoods AND Pre&Post

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