Week 1/13 Update

Week one is in the bag! And I am so proud of myself. I have followed the meal plan 100%, no cheats, no treats, no slip ups. It has taken a lot of discipline, and honestly was a little hard some days, but I just kept reminding myself that I am CAPABLE and I CAN do hard things.

Let me tell you hands down it has been so worth it!

I pushed myself so hard in my workouts, and I’m so excited to see what physical changes are to come. I can feel myself being challenged in ways that I didn’t think were possible and my limiting beliefs are being smashed every day. I used to think that I just couldn’t follow a meal plan 100%; that it was too restricting. I used to think that it’s okay to push myself a little, but there was no need to push to my limits. I was still seeing results this way, but not really the results I wanted.

That’s my whole mindset with this; I want BIGGER change I need to go bigger. I want to actually CHANGE my body with this program.

Week 1 weight/body update, I am now at 149.4 pounds. I feel leaner, and even if you can’t see huge changes this is what I’ve noticed:
My legs are getting more toned
My stomach is less bloated
My mom tummy/pooch is going down
My arms are looking more defined

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