Benefits of Good Pelvic Floor Health

Sure, you’ve heard people talk about the importance of working your pelvic floor, or maybe you haven’t, but either way I’m here to give you some extra insight!

The first time I was introduced to having a healthy pelvic floor I was 20, thats right FIVE years before I ever got pregnant or even wanted to have children. Most commonly when people think about pelvic floor health they think kegels, but it’s so much more than that. I have a workout HERE that I put together for you to do to begin with, but I also have an entire program available to my clients that can do so much for strengthening your core and pelvic floor. (ENROLL FOR THAT HERE)

So, on to my benefits of having good pelvic floor health:

1. Competence aka bladder control: this is pretty specific to pregnancy and post-partum but having a healthy pelvic floor can reduce the frequency in which you pee yourself a little every time you laugh too hard, sneeze, or jump abruptly. While it is VERY common for this to be an issue for women after having babies it is NOT normal and should not be your norm. Working your pelvic floor will help with making sure this doesn’t happen.

2.Stronger Core: by default doing pelvic floor specific exercises you will be working your core as well. Not in the way you think, so no there are not crunches involved, but with proper core activation before doing any of the exercises you will be strengthening your core from the inside out. This sound weird, but it really helps with lifting the “mom pooch” and helping strengthen those lower abdomen muscles.

3. Reduces the Risk of prolapse: also known as saggin intestines. I don’t know much about this topic but honestly it sounds awful and definitely like something I’d want to prevent.

4. Better recovery after Delivery: Not that we’re trying to “bounce back”, but having good pelvic floor health helps with postpartum recovery and healing. This goes back to the competence thing, and also leads us into the next benefit.

Now bear with me here, this is a little taboo, but SO important for women’s health which is something I truly believe needs more attention.

5. Better Sex: Yup I said it. Better sex, having a healthy pelvic floor can help increase sexual sensation and lead to better orgasms. Now, I’m going to get a little personal here and vulnerable, but this is actually why I started getting educated on pelvic floor health and started pelvic floor specific therapy when I was 20. I won’t get into the details because TMI, but once I started seeing a women’s healthy specialist/pelvic floor specialist things got a million times better and more enjoyable as well.

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