Tips That Actually Stick

I got tired of reading all of the same bullshit tips that didn’t really offer any insight on how to actually make reaching my fitness goals a lifestyle. It was all “count calories”, “try new recipes”, “try Whole 30”, etc.. All things that honestly sound so overwhelming and always left me giving up after about two weeks.

So when I finally figured it out for myself I asked myself, “What are the three things I did to make it stick this time?”:

1. Consistency: And I mean CONSISTENCY. Sticking to it for longer than two weeks kind of consistency. (The other tips offer some insight on how I did that) I make sure I workout most days of the week. Most of my meals are nutrient dense. I make sure my workouts are efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Time efficiency is everything so the shorter the workout and the more effective it is the better it is for me; especially with two little ones now. I make sure I have fun with my workouts, and that they aren’t boring.

2. Stop Dieting: Yep you read that right. STOP DIETING. This is a LIFESTYLE so you don’t need to diet if it’s your lifestyle. I also like to ask myself “What can I add into my current diet?” rather than “What do I need to take out?” Why? Because when you focus on what you “can’t” have that starts to be all you think about, and when you focus on what you should be adding it gives you a much more positive mindset around the whole thing. So, focus on adding more veggies, drinking more water, and adding in those healthy fats and lean proteins.

3. Think Big Picture: When I say this I mean long term thinking, if you know you’ll be here 6 months from now taking action today is much easier. Especially on the harder days.

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