Favorite (cute) Workout Gear

I basically live in leggings and cute athletic wear these days. It’s honestly so rare to see me out in jeans, although I have been making myself put on a pair at least twice a week to spice things up a bit. That being said I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert on what workout clothes (specifically leggings) are comfortable, functional, and worth spending the money on.

Let’s start with Lululemon Align II’s. Are they worth the money? ($98 price tag) My humble opinion a MILLION TIMES YES. I have four pairs now, and honestly see myself owning every color one day. At first I thought there was no way I would ever spend this much on one pair of leggings, but really now I just see it as an investment in something that will serve me well, make me feel good, and last. I’m one of those people that would rather spend a little more for better quality over quantity. They are squat proof, feel like butter, feel like you’re wearing nothing, move with you, stay put, and are seamless at the waistband which is a huge deal.

My second favorite brand is Aerie, specifically the Aerie Play leggings. They are a silkier material than Lululemon but because they also have the seamless waistband are amazing. I actually wore (out) a pair of these during my pregnancy with Emilia, basially all I wore for the third trimester. At a much smaller cost ($40 price tag) I’m surprised I don’t actually own more of these. I only have two pairs. Weird I know. Back to my quality over quantity thing though, they aren’t as flattering, the material isn’t as breathable, and I find myself pulling them up or adjusting them quite often during my workouts.

I also have a pair of Aerie Move leggings which are a much thicker material, again seamless waistband and same price point. I wear these more as my going out basic black leggings because they hold everything in (I have had two babies so ya know loose skin, and some of the baby fat is still on my lower stomach). This particular style rolls at the waist A LOT during my workouts though and can be pretty annoying/uncomfortable. They don’t breathe very well, and honestly I just am not a huge fan of wearing them for workouts all that much.

As for workout tops, Aerie is a favorite, Nike has some really cute stuff, Target crop tops are always fun, and Amazon has an abundance of cute cheap tops. I typically workout in just my sports bra (perk of working out at home), but I really enjoy having cute tops for our daily family walks.

As for cuter sports bras that are strappy, and honestly don’t give that much support here are some of my favs from right between the sweet time of Nicholas not really breastfeeding anymore and getting pregnant again.

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