Jamba Juice, Healthy or just a Treat?

I’m gonna bust out the punchline already. I’m definitely calling this a treat. It’s definitely how I treat it, but I wanted to get the inside scoop of how to make this tasty treat healthier without compromising the smoothie.

Here’s what I found along with some other tips:

1. Avoid drinks with sherbet or sorbet; if it does, ask for more fruit instead and fresh squeezed oj or carrot juice.

2. Look at the kids menu. The drinks are 9.5 oz so naturally they pack less calories, sugar, etc

3. Order from the fruit or veggie smoothie menu. They don’t use sherbet or sorbet in these drinks so if you’re really trying to keep it on the healthy side this is where I’d start.

4. ORDER WHATEVER THE F*CK YOU WANT. Really, I know these smoothies aren’t on the super healthy side, they’re a healthy-er treat, so I indulge and leave the guilt at the door.

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