New Challenge

I have started a new challenge for me. For the next six (well five now) weeks I am going to be doing a program with functional training in mind. So literally I am training for the next six weeks like professional athletes do with a professional trainer that trains NBA players. What was I thinking?

Oh yeah, that I wanted to push myself harder than I ever have before, and it’s working. In this week I have already started eating cleaner, sleeping better, pushing harder, and feeling more excitement just because it’s all new and I can FEEL how different this style of training is. I also took on this new challenge because in about 14 weeks we will be going on a tropical vacation to the Dominican Republic, and mama is trying to sport abs on that trip. I know, its so superficial, and shouldn’t matter but it’s something I’ve always wanted. And honestly how badass is it that a mom of two can sport some abs?! I want to be that mom. So, challenge accepted, and now that I’ve shared it here I need to make it happen. Accountability AF.

The next six weeks are going to challenge me, Christmas is next Wednesday and New Year’s shortly after, but holidays shouldn’t derail you from your fitness goals and I’m going to prove that to you. I mostly preach balance and I’m still a huge believer in the fact that consistency will win every time, but I want to say something quickly. I want something I’ve never had: visible abs, like full on visible abs and a flat tummy. If I want something I’ve never had, I have to do something I’ve never done: clean my diet all the way up.

That’s the thing about goals, we set them and try for a few days and then a lot of the time we miss them or fall short. Why? We aren’t willing to get uncomfortable in order to achieve them. We like comfort it helps us feel safe, but really staying comfortable is anything but safe. In our comfort zones we dont grow, we stay stagnant, and nothing happens. That to me is worse than getting uncomfortable.

So, I’m about to get way uncomfortable here and really work my ass off for the next few months. As always you can watch or you can join, but the latter will actually do something for you.


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