Travel and Breastfeeding

A couple weeks ago my husband and I had an overnight getaway without the kids. As you know we are exclusively breastfeeding Emilia so a question I got from a few was how I made sure my supply didn’t take a dip while I was away from her for 48 hours.

It’s really simple I just made sure to pump in place of feedings, but I think people are also interested in how I stored the milk since we did not have access to a refrigerator for most of the day. In case you missed it HERE is a post talking about our trip and where we went.

Now the good stuff:

Tip Number 1: PUMP. Pump again. PUMP some more. I took both my electric pump and hand pump because I was unsure if I would have access to an outlet if I needed to be pumping. Emilia is nursing every 3 hours so I just made sure to pump every three hours. On the way to our destination I did pump in the car. In the bathrooms at Glen Ivy the facilities are insanely nice. There are outlets everywhere with counter tops, blow dryers, and plenty of space so I was able to use my electric pump while we were at the spa. For privacy reasons I wasn’t able to snap a picture of that situation, but it was very convenient, clean, and comfortable.

Tip Number 2: Storage. I took our milk storage bags with us so I could transfer the milk immediately. We have a cooler that hooks up to an outlet in the trunk of our car so thats where I kept the milk refrigerated. We also had some ice packs with us that we kept in that cooler just in case.

Tip Number 3: How we cleaned the pump parts and bottles. I have disposable wipes to clean things until I could get to a sink and clean better, but honestly something is better than nothing and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Tip Number 4: If you are staying in a hotel make sure they have a fridge in your room. Something I’ve learned recently is that not all rooms coe equipped with one so a double check at check in will save you the hassle of needing to switch rooms once you’ve already gotten in there.

Tip Number 5: Drink PLENTY of water. This is huge for helping maintain your supply anyway, but a pump does not stimulate milk production the same way your baby does so make sure you really go heavy on the water consumption. I typically drink my body weight in ounces every day, if not more, and while I was away I was just constantly drinking water.

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