Postpartum Nutrition

The lovely world of nutrition/dieting/healthy eating. It honestly looks so different for every single person, everyone’s body is different so really everyone’s needs are different. After spending so much time helping other women figure out how to eat best for their goals, lifestyle, and preferences I’ve been able to narrow my best practices and tips down to help anyone get a handle on it.

Me, living in balance with my nutrition, because the ONLY nutritional approach that works is the one you will STICK WITH. For me, thats one that allows me FOOD FREEDOM. Nothing is off limits, and I am CONSCIOUS of how the foods I eat make me feel.

Postpartum our hormones are all over the place so losing weight can be harder, and typically is for most women (myself included). When we have a better handle on our nutrition though it can make all the difference. Some things to consider when you are trying to feel like yourself again, and dare I say get back to your pre-pregnancy body:

1. Are you breastfeeding? If so there are a whole bunch of things you need to focus on. Proper servings of vegetables, water, enough protein, water, water, carbs, healthy fats, oh and more water. You need to be eating about 500 extra calories a day, and honestly that looks like about one extra big meal. Or some ice cream. Balance right?

2. Focus on what you can ADD not what you need to take away. I’m sure we can all use more vegetable in our diets, I know it was always something I used to struggle with and now it’s way easier to get them in. I add spinach to my scrambled eggs in the morning, I add spinach to my Shakeology every day, and I absolutely love a good salad with arugula, spinach, and any other yummy greens. Also if you’re breastfeeding (or in general) you want to look for nutrient dense vegetables which is why I like adding spinach to everything. It’s a really good natural source of iron and really is the OG superfood.

3. Have fun with it! My favorite way to keep meals healthier is to seriously use Pinterest or Google and search for my favorites but with the word healthy in front of it ie: “Healthy Lasagna” or “Healthy Chicken Tacos”. This ensure that you’re actually enjoying what you’re eating.

4. Don’t eat things you don’t like. It sounds so simple but seriously, if you don’t like kale don’t eat kale. If you don’t like carrots don’t eat carrots. Find the healthy foods that you DO like, and eating healthier will be so much easier for you. I’ve found that I love some sliced up cucumbers with a little lime and low sodium tajin sprinkled on top. Grilled zuchinni is my JAM! And I’ve recently really loved making ground turkey with some broccoli-slaw (like cole slaw but with broccoli) and I roll it in some rice paper.

5. Give yourself time. Give yourself the time to heal; physically and emotionally. Don’t rush into losing the baby weight unless that’s really what you want to be focusing on. After having Nicholas I was so focused on needing to lose the weight that I drove myself crazy because it was harder than I thought it would be to lose the weight and I actually did a lot of stress eating at first. That obviously had the opposite affect. After having Emilia I’ve been much more relaxed, which has made staying consistent with my healthy habits so much easier. I truly believe the less your stress about something the easier it is to follow through with or stick to.

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