Postpartum Update

I am 78 days into my postpartum fitness journey and I am so ready to turn it up a notch! First things first though I need to finish the next 22 days. I honestly am so proud of myself for sticking to MM100 like I have. 100 workouts in 100 days sounds so daunting at first, but honestly when you’re making this a lifestyle those 100 days are nothing. I have been using this program to regain my strength, balance, endurance, and surprisingly my flexibility. After having a baby all of these things pretty much get shot, it almost doesn’t matter how much you worked out during pregnancy you basically start back at square one when you are able to workout again.

Having this program to help ease my way back into my fitness routine has been so nice. The workouts started off pretty beginner status and have increasingly gotten harder every phase. Each phase has 20 days and 10 workouts that get repeated. There is also a stretching workout every 5 days, so even though you’re working out every day you get what I call an active rest day; which always comes right when you need it.

I have not been weighing or taking measurements but I have been taking pictures, an insane amount of pictures, to track my progress. Different outfits, different places, different poses, you name it I probably have a picture that I can use to compare to track my progress. I find this method of tracking a lot more moticating, because pictures can show you and tell you so much more than the scale can. I can see how a pair of pants fits differently, how a shirt hangs, or how a jacket looks and this seriously motivates the crap out of me.

After I finish these 100 days I will no longer be calling this my ‘postpartum fitness journey’ I truly feel as though this program has helped me get to a place where I am not struggling with the same things. At the beginning my core strength was shot; now I’m proud to say I’m able to do most of what I could before pregnancy. My endurance was suffering a lot in the beginning as well, and now I can push myself pretty hard without needing to stop. I still modify but in the beginning I would full on have to stop to catch my breath or pause my workout so that I could even finish. Now I just push right on through.

After I’ve finish MM100 I will be starting 6 Weeks of The Work which is a much more intense program that focuses on functional training, and is meant to push you to the next level. I’m really excited to see where I’ll be in the next 22 days and so excited to see how I’ll be starting the new year! Which brings me to a question: If you’re waiting for the new year before you start working toward your goals, why are you waiting when you can start today and already be halfway there by the time January 1 rolls around?

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