Self Care Weekend

Let’s talk self care and taking it past the face masks and bubble baths that we see plastered all over the place these days. Lately my batteries have been running on empty. Now, I could have just continued to run myself into the ground and completely burnout, but instead I turned to my husband and told him I needed time for just us. Self care doesn’t always have to be just you by yourself, you can include others in your practice too. Self care is not selfish either, I would actually argue that not taking care of yourself and being sure to recharge does the exact opposite. Only when you have your cup overflowing do you have enough to give to others, so mama please, please, please make sure you’re doing things for yourself. In my case I needed some one on one time with my husband without the kids.

So, this weekend my husband and I got an overnight babysitter and went on that much need getaway. We had the most perfect day, I feel recharged, and we got a chance to have conversation that went beyond “do you want to do diaper changes right now or do you want to do dishes?”. We of course missed our babies and looked at all the pictures and videos we have of them on our phones, but it was so good to get away and have some us time. I know there are probably plenty of questions about how I handled being away from Emilia for 24 hours, pumping schedule, milk storage while we were away, and more and that will come in a post later this week!

We have gone to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA many times before: bachelorette weekend, while pregnant with Nicholas, and for our wedding anniversary weekend. It really is such a relaxing atmosphere and has plenty of amazing amenities. You can book massages, spa packages, or my favorite The Grotto. The Grotto is an underground area where you get a special moisturizing mud painted onto your body and then you let it soak in while you sit in a warmed room. It’s not quite as warm as a sauna, but it is oh so relaxing. You then shower off and have refreshments in a room with an indoor waterfall. Yeah boujee AF.

So, maybe The Grotto is our second favorite because Club Mud actually takes the cake and is probably the most popular feature here. Basically you get into some warm mucky water and rub the clay they pile up in the middle all over your body. It serves as an exfoliant and honestly just makes your skin feel so super soft afterwards. It’s actually recommended to go to Club Mud before going down to The Grotto so that you exfoliate and then moiturize. Super smart.

Other favorites are the cold and hot hydrotherapy, and the floating pool. Literally there are a ton of floaties and you just lounge around in this pool that is only about 2 feet deep. It’s heavenly. The hot and cold hydrotherapy is a lot of fun, torturous, and actually really helpful for sore muscles.

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