Core Strength After Baby

One of the biggest shockers after having Nicholas was the complete lack of core strength I had after pregnancy. And I don’t just mean “abs” I mean complete lack of control in my entire core, lower abdomen, lower back, upper back, and balance. I was on a mission to get it back, and when I did I was better than ever so here are my tips:

1. Pelvic Floor Exercises: I have a post HERE that goes through specific beginner moves you can do. HERE is a more advanced ab circuit you can do as well.

2. Engage your core in every single thing you do. Standing, sitting, squatting, lunging, laundry, dishes, and even vacuuming engage that core sister!

3. Workout: get at least 4-6 workouts in a week and modify any core exercises you need to, and talk to your doctor about what is specifically considered safe or unsafe, but don’t be afraid to try. You might even surprise yourself, and when something gets too easy try to progress the move.

4. Do back exercises too! Your core includes MORE THAN just your abdominal muscles, and neglecting your back will only make your recovery take longer.

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