Our Walks Got an Upgrade

We like to go on walks every day if we can as a family. It’s nice to unplug and connect with each other. Nicholas loves the time out of the house, and it helps us stay active as family. It’s really one of those things that I think is helping instill healthy habits for Nicholas and Emilia. Emilia isn’t always a fan of hanging out in the stroller though so we’ve been doing a lot of baby wearing around here. We have been using the Moby Wrap and it was working great, but lately Emilia seems to be a little too wiggly for it and it would come loose after awhile and just didn’t feel right anymore. So, I went on the hunt to find something new.

This bad boy was only $20 on Amazon (found here), like HELLO good deal! These things can run up to $300 and that just feels insane to me. So I did some hunting and came across this one. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after reading some reviews I decided to Amazon Prime that shit and go with it; I could always return it if it wasn’t what we needed anyway.

Since we are new to these types of carriers I was honestly expecting the assembly to be a little more difficult, but in my opinion it’s super user friendly. There is the option to adjust the width of the seat for baby so that you’re not stretching their legs out too far and so that baby has enough support for an actual seat too. Nach and I both wore her in this carrier today, and we are both satisfied. There was no back pain associated, and it’s actually very comfortable. Emilia was able to look around and it felt as though she had enough head, neck, and back support when she did fall asleep in it at the end of our walk this evening.

I’ve honestly never even tried on one of the more expensive options, but for what we need this is perfect. Light weight, comfortable, AND affordable.

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