Day Date and New Experiences

This weekend Nach (my husband) and I were able to get away on a date thanks to my sister for watching our two kiddos. We always say we want to try new places and typically we never do. Today we ventured out and tried a new restaurant in town and honestly it did not disappoint. Between the cute decor in the restaurant and the delicious food I’m so happy we went for it.

Clearly eating out at this restaurant meant we would be indulging. The hype behind the restaurant is their milkshakes, and honestly I’ve found recently that I am loving an amazing milkshake. So I knew I had to share one with Nach if we were going to be eating here. First I want to address the “cheat meal” elephant in the room; I do not believe in cheat meals, it has a negative feel to it and I truly think it encourages a bad relationship with food. I have worked very hard for a really long time to better my relationship with food. I used to OBSESS over every macro and calorie I consumed, and then promptly punish myself with exercise to burn off the excess calories after a cheat meal. The habits this method drove me to were awful for my healthy; physically and mentally. So, now I simply eat what I want when I want and focus on how that food makes me FEEL. Healthier options clearly make me feel amazing, and the not so healthy options often leave me feeling bloated, sluggish, and with an upset stomach. Does this stop me from ever enjoying a milkshake or piece of cake, obviously not, but I’m definitely much more conscientious of how much I consume. Moderation really is key, especially when you’re having a treat.

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So, I shared this milkshake with my husband and I enjoyed every bite. Treat meals are a regular part of my life, and I truly enjoy the food that I eat. I don’t have set days for these things and I just allow life to present the opportunities to me. I don’t “prep” ahead of time and eat super clean beforehand and I don’t do anything extra restrictive afterwards. Example: Breakfast I had my typical eggs with spinach, and a pancake, lunch we split our avocado, bacon cheeseburger and our milkshake, for dinner I had a grilled chicken salad with my raspberry lime vinaigarette, and before bed I will have my superfoods shake. I didn’t do any planning for the extra calories and I won’t do anything extra later to “burn them off”. I’m living a lifestyle and I truly believe that means enjoying the treats and moving on and continuing with your routine after. No “saving” my carbs for late, or eating only kale for the next two meals to “cancel out” the treat.

This approach to food has helped me tremendously in reaching my fitness goals and MAINTAINING where I am at. I’ve had a seriously amazing postpartum weightloss experience this time around, and I really think it’s due to my approach with food, and my consistency in staying active before, during, and now after pregnancy.

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