Day One Before Photos

Day one of one hundred was tough, but felt so good! Cardio is by far my least favorite type of workout to do but I know it’s necessary for heart health and melting away the fat that’s sticking around after having Emilia so I give it my best effort every time anyway!

Here are some clips of my favorite moves, and a before VIDEO. I feel like video is so much more telling as there’s no hiding. So here it is, this mom bod in all her glory!

I’ll be sharing a detailed look at what I’ll be eating this week tomorrow as I know that nutrition is where the real magic happens and I want to show you EXACTLY what I’m doing so that you can apply the same principles to your day to hopefully have success too. But just remember that the quantities I eat, and the specific foods I eat work for ME in order to get the results YOU want we would need to customize a meal plan for YOU and YOUR needs.


  1. You’re awesome!!! Losing the baby weight has been so incredibly difficult for me, but sticking with it has been really helping me and my sanity haha. I NEED my workout time! After 10 months I finally feel like I have my strength back mostly! I am stoked to follow along with your postpartum journey 😀


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