First Week Back to Working Out


Working out is super cathartic for me. I just need those thirty minutes of sweating it out and working on me. Getting stronger, faster, and better. It clears my mind and centers me for the day. Being back at my workouts for a week has helped me see what I’ve been missing.

I’ve gotten a few people who have noticed I did not wait the entire six weeks to go back to working out after having Emilia. This was a personal choice and I have been taking it “easy”, but honestly I needed this. Postpartum life is crazy, your whole world revolves around a teeny tiny human that has only one way of communicating with you: crying. After a couple weeks you figure each other out and work off of one another’s rhythms, and it gets easier. We’ve already reached that point, but I need to have something that doesn’t involve a two year old tugging on my shirt or a baby attached to me. Working out is my thing.

As expected my core strength is far less than it used to be, and I will need to work on my strength overall. The program I’m doing builds upon itself throughout and increases the intensity over time which is exactly what I need getting back into a routine postpartum. After having Nicholas it was a complete shock to me that getting back into workouts was like starting all over again. This time is no different, but it wasn’t as much of a surprise to me.

Tomorrow I embark on the 100 days, so cheers to new challenges and cheers to pushing myself past the barriers I once had.


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