Postpartum Fitness Journey Number Two

I haven’t posted any content lately because my focus has been elsewhere, but I want to use this blog as a place to document my postpartum journey.

We welcomed our daughter into the world on July 29th, and I will be starting exercise again on August 26th doing an all new workout program that has us aiming for 100 workouts in 100 days. Every morning I will rise, chug my pre-workout, and workout for 20-30 minutes to fill my own cup before I start pouring into others for the whole day.

As a mom of two this is more important than ever. I know this because the last few weeks have been hard. I have been giving and giving to my littles and doing very little to focus on myself or fill my own cup. Sure, I’ve been focusing on my nutrition and have lost most of the weight from pregnancy just by doing that, but I still need that outlet of a workout every day.

I am so excited to document this journey, and share it in detail here. You can follow along on my Instagram for behind the scenes bloopers, workout clips, and quick peeks at what I will be eating. I will be taking my “before” photos, weighing myself, and getting measurements on Sunday before I start and I will share all of that in detail here.

There is the opportunity for you to do the workouts with me, commit to yourself, and make a change as well. Just shoot me an email ( ) or fill out this application
and I will get you all of the details for joining me!!

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