Self-Care… Is it Really Worth the Effort?

Over the past few weeks self care is something I have definitely put on the back burner. Skipping workouts, eating less than perfect, and definitely been skipping out on reading my personal development books.

self care

And it has made a huge difference in how I feel overall. Now, I’m not a huge bath person so thats not in my typical self care routine, but if thats your thing DO IT! Light some candles, grab a book, a glass of wine, and really treat yourself. Or if you’re more like me throw some inappropriate rap music on, bust out a workout, and read a good book afterwards. After a long day I have recently fallen in love with face masks, don’t really know if they do a whole lot, but they definitely make me feel better. One thing I know for sure is that no matter what it is that helps you focus on yourself a little, is that it is ALWAYS worth the effort!

So, whatever your cup of tea for self care DO IT! Take the time to pour back into your own cup. No matter what it is that you do in life, you cannot possibly help others (meaning your children, spouse, friends, family, etc) if your cup is empty. Self care comes in many shapes and sizes, but the importance bears the same weight no matter what.

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